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It is a false premise or presumption that the basic principle of conservation is exclusive to any one of the different types of environments in which we function on a daily basis.

The effectiveness or lack thereof of how this universal principle is applied in one environment impacts all others.

Financial Conservation/Solar Energy is just one example.

Imagine, Financial Conservation/U.S. Government or Financial Conservation/Wall Street?

The Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Solar Numbers in San Diego

"Solar provides a futures contract for electric power at a fixed price for 30 years."

FC Note: Hedging their fuel costs with futures contracts has been a very effective strategy for Southwest Airlines, now a leader in their industry.

With no price at the source and by eliminating all the steps in between, directly accessing the sun's unlimited amount of energy takes the hedging concept to a whole new level as the costs of producing, refining and transporting energy from fossil resources continues to climb.

We cannot produce our own gasoline, but we can take control of a major part of our energy costs by producing our own electricity, courtesy of the sun.

Solar energy along with its obvious environmental benefits equals Financial Conservation thus economic empowerment -- particularly for the individual.

Smart. Direct. Simple.

For a breakdown of the numbers specific to the area, visit one of San Diego's local solar providers @ Home Energy Systems