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It is a false premise or presumption that the basic principle of conservation is exclusive to any one of the different types of environments in which we function on a daily basis.

The effectiveness or lack thereof of how this universal principle is applied in one environment impacts all others.

Financial Conservation/Solar Energy is just one example.

Imagine, Financial Conservation/U.S. Government or Financial Conservation/Wall Street?

The Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SCI-Arc/Caltech 2013 Solar Decathlon

"Around this time next year, several students from Caltech and SCI-Arc will be having what seems to be an average day in their shared house: they'll be doing laundry, inviting neighbors over for dinner, watching TV, playing video games, doing homework. But monitors will stop by to weigh the towels the students launder. The neighbors will judge the dinner party. Every kilowatt that passes through the TV and computers will be noted. And all of this will happen in a house that has yet to exist. "

Houses That Build People