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It is a false premise or presumption that the basic principle of conservation is exclusive to any one of the different types of environments in which we function on a daily basis.

The effectiveness or lack thereof of how this universal principle is applied in one environment impacts all others.

Financial Conservation/Solar Energy is just one example.

Imagine, Financial Conservation/U.S. Government or Financial Conservation/Wall Street?

The Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

PG&E Solar Schools

The Solar School Initiative

The Foundation for Environmental Education is partnering with Pacific Gas and Electric Company to bring renewable energy education into under-served communities through highly-visible solar installation systems.

Whether it be a 1 kW solar panel on a pole, or a roof-mounted system on a non-profit building, each is hooked up to an online data monitoring system so that the community can view the energy production of the system and learn about the environmental impact of that system.

This year we are working with PG&E to create a new grant program for 2012. We are testing several different grant models during 2011 and check back with us later this year to find out what we are planning for 2012. 

Our mission is to not only inspire our communities to learn more about the future of renewable energy, but to teach them how to conserve, produce and respect , this very precious resource we call energy.